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A brake fluid change is not covered as part of a normal SEAT service*. However, we do recommend that the brake fluid in your SEAT's braking system be renewed every two years.

Brake fluid is vital to your safety (and the safety of others) as is any other component in your braking system. But just as brake pads, for example, don't last forever; brake fluid too has a finite life. Over time it absorbs moisture, which lowers its boiling point and leads to inefficiencies in the braking system.

Eventually this could cause your brakes to fail altogether. Please don't overlook a brake fluid change, and be sure to make an appointment. Here's what we'd do:

  • Check the fluid level and check for signs of leakage.
  • Drain and renew the brake fluid using SEAT-approved brake fluid (using a brake fluid that meets all SEAT standards is vital to ensure optimum braking performance).
  • Test the braking system.
  • Record the brake fluid change in your service book.
  • Dispose of old brake fluid in accordance with environmental regulations.

*Please refer to your vehicle handbook and Service Record book to check when your car is next due a Brake Fluid Service.